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Is tangier worth visiting?

Morocco Tours is a great way to see an amazing country while enjoying some delicious food and culture. From the beach towns of Suez and Casablanca to the more upscale villages of Marrakesh and Tangier, there’s something for everyone on Morocco Tours. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed vacation or a challenging trek,
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Chegaga is one of the two great deserts of the Moroccan Sahara located less than 100 km south of Zagora. If it is less impressive than its neighbour erg Chebbi, which has dunes culminating at more than 170 m, it has the advantage of being larger and wilder. Another significant point, it is
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Morocco Tours: A Your Guide to an amazing and unique country

Back in Morocco, I had the opportunity to go through the Middle Atlas to reach Merzouga from Fez with Noble Explorer. I had already passed several times in certain corners of the Middle Atlas, but this was my first road trip in this region of Morocco this season. At the end of winter,
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Tangier and the Blue City

Where and How Morocco

Morocco is a country full of surprises, rich in contrast. Located in the north of the African continent and at the same time oriented towards the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. In Morocco, we are not only struck by the natural landscape but also, we witness a life that is a surprising blend of
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