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All about visiting the Ouzoud waterfalls

Listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Ouzoud waterfalls near Marrakech are one of the most beautiful natural sites in Morocco. These are the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, especially the most famous! Anyway, their visit is a must for any stay in this beautiful region, especially if you do not yet know what to do in Marrakech.

Why visit the Ouzoud Waterfalls? 

The place is just beautiful to visit: the falls are indeed in the middle of majestic landscapes. If you go on a road trip to Morocco, you can’t miss it!

Between the green meadows, the fields of almond trees, those of olive trees and the rocky peaks, the spectacle is dazzling. Especially since the Oued Ouzoud flows through a valley of red sandstone with waterfalls over 110 metres high and 90 metres wide at the end (they are divided into three levels and their flow varies depending on the season). The falls then pour into a natural pool of pretty blue, bathed almost every day by a rainbow of colours. 

What activities can be practised on-site? 

Many activities are possible to be done at the Ouzoud waterfalls. You can get as close as possible to the waterfalls aboard one of the boats made by the locals (Count 20 dirhams, or around €2, for a 5-minute trip). You can also cross the river on a bridge and hike around the site. 

You also have the option of descending to the foot of the waterfalls. This activity is very popular despite the steep path. You can also reach the source of Ouzoud 3 km away. Along the way, you will pass through olive groves, and can visit an oil press and wheat mills before being able to bathe in the springs. You will also see many monkeys (wild Barbary macaques). If you want to simply relax, you can have a picnic or eat a tagine while your feet are in the water or drink tea/coffee in one of the small restaurants located on the terrace. Of course, you can swim in the river to cool off while enjoying the show.

Where are the Ouzoud Waterfalls? 

The Cascades d’Ouzoud is located about 150 km northeast of Marrakech, between the Middle and High Atlas, at an altitude of 1,060 metres. This is the Beni Mellal-Khénifra region. The nearest large town is Azilal  (30 km). 

When is the best time to visit the Ouzoud Waterfalls near Marrakech? 

The site is open all year round, all week and all day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Go there preferably early in the morning or at the end of the afternoon because the site is very busy. Dedicate a day of your stay in Morocco to seeing the essentials of the waterfalls. 

What is the best time of year to go? 

If you do not yet know when to go to Marrakech to enjoy the Ouzoud waterfalls, know that the best period is probably the one that goes from June to September when it is hot throughout the country. The day spent there will be most refreshing. 

How much does the visit cost?

The visit to the waterfalls is free.

Tips for your excursion

  • Remember to put good walking shoes, a hat or cap, sunscreen and your swimsuit in your luggage. 
  • Unfortunately, the site is only partly accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • Watch out for monkeys that can steal food and other items from you. 



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