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We had been dreaming of this photo trip to Marrakech for a long time. But each time we postponed, in favour of another destination. But this time, it’s impossible to go back, tickets in our pockets, our cameras in our bags, let’s go to visit and photograph Marrakech and its souks!

Photograph Marrakech and its souks

So we arrive with a big smile in this small airport which still looks good and the tone is set immediately. Yes, it is negotiated by the exchange office. Then, at the exit with the taxis. And given the temperature outside, we won’t be too long on the sidewalk. Negotiations made (so), we jump in the next taxi that passes, in the direction of the hotel.

With which photo equipment to go to Marrakech?

It all depends on what you plan to visit beyond the city centre. In any case, we recommend a wide-angle lens, because the alleys are narrow. For the rest, a good 35 or 50 (23 or 35 on an APS-C ) mm wide aperture and why not a small zoom for larger spaces, if you leave the city or if you prefer to take portraits from afar?

For the bag, we both opted for a messenger bag that we placed quite high and in front of us. Avoid flash, which is too intrusive in the souk, and instead take advantage of ambient light, play with metering modes and ISO sensitivity. A circular neutral density filter is very practical to adjust the light density and keep a blue sky every time.

Get away from it all to create wonderful memories

Between the hubbub of the vendors, the smells of spices, the warmth of the places, the way of negotiating and the sets of colours, you will then be immersed in a folklore atmosphere that deserves to be experienced during a stay in Marrakech. A complete change of scenery, far from the greyness and the French rain, which will remain etched in your memories for a very long time.

The different souks of Marrakech:

18 souks make up the medina of Marrakech. Among them we recommend:

  • Souk Dhabi: Notice to all lovers of finery, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. This souk is dedicated to all jewellery. 
  • Souk Smata: Here you will find slippers by the thousands, of all colours, with or without ornaments arranged on large wall sections.
  • Souk Attarine: A souk dedicated to the sale of spices and kitchen utensils that we recommend for cooking enthusiasts. 
  • Souk Cherratine: Leather souk where you can find bags, belts, pouffes and other leather accessories.
  • Souk Semmarine: Here you can buy mainly Moroccan pastries and also fabrics, but that’s not all. This souk is one of the most interesting because it unites the know-how of the Berber tribes of the south and the Arabs of the cities.

Ready for a stroll in the souk? Let’s go!

We got hooked right away. The small alleys, the colours, the smells. There is enough to fill the peepers and incidentally the belly. But before sinking into the labyrinth and the commercial maze of the Marrakech souk, we invite you to visit the surroundings. The first thing not to miss is the Koutoubia mosque. This religious building of 77 m dating from the 12th century represents the art of the Almohads.

Opposite the mosque is the famous Jamaa El Fna square and, adjoining, various entrances to the souk. It’s a real maze that mixes alleys and small squares. You can find everything in different mini-districts. Many passages are covered and allow light to pass through.

Do not hesitate to have tea on one of the many high terraces of the square. Taking a little height gives another view of the souk, and with luck, you will be treated to a beautiful sunset at the end of the day!

The architecture

Easier to take, buildings and details. Very numerous in the city also: magnificent doors. The vehicles are colourful and original, the facades are also often decorated. And at the end of a street, you will certainly come across a donkey. Hey, we’re talking about the animal huh…

Where to eat in Marrakech?

We never really pay attention to where we eat on our travels. On the other hand, we pay attention to the water we consume. But the best is to eat near the souk. Every evening on the main square, stands to serve as a restaurant and the flow is very important, the products remain fresh. In addition, we eat well and at low prices. Count 60 dirhams for the meal, or about 6 euros. Otherwise, opt for “tourist” restaurants, which are more expensive and less exotic…


If you seem to want to buy something, you will be welcome, otherwise, you may find people pushy. But don’t panic, it’s a bit their way of being, of speaking. We never felt in danger.

The best is to answer with a smile or to speak loudly like them, it works. You will have understood, to take portraits is not easy, unless you put your hand in your pocket. What ruins his savings? But hey, it’s the game my poor Lucette!

Internet connection in Marrakech

It’s easier to connect to the internet in Morocco than in our city! The connection is quite good, even 4g goes everywhere. In each cafe or restaurant, there is a wifi connection available. Just ask for the password and you’re done. Of course, get a phone card on-site or plan a package with your telephone operator.

So much for our little trip to Marrakech. We will go back, that’s for sure because we were left unsatisfied.

Here, we hope that our trip to Marrakech and its souks will make you want to stay there


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