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The Wonders of Coastal Sahara

Starting From Marrakesh


The Wonders of Coastal Sahara

Starting From Marrakesh
Our partner Hors Circuit organizes in collaboration with Noble Explorer a road trip across the entire Moroccan and Mauritanian Coastal Sahara. The road trip is organized once or twice a year from Marrakech or Agadir to Nouakchott in Mauritania or Dakar in Senegal. This adventure and discovery group trip offers great latitude to the amateur or seasoned driver since it is designed for both ordinary cars and 4x4s, whether it is your vehicle or a rental one. You also can attend this road trip as a passenger aboard a private or collective 4x4 with a driver. If the supervision and the team spirit will prevail for the success of each edition, you will certainly find your happiness among the various activities proposed on the humanitarian, ecological, social, and ludic level.
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Day 1: Marrakech or Agadir - Tan-Tan
Day 2: Tan-Tan - Gueltas of Khaoui Nam
Day 3: Gueltas of Khaoui Nam-Depression of Tah (Sebkha Tah)
Day 4: Bedouin Camp
Day 5: Dakhla Peninsula
Day 6: The magic of the White Dune
Day 7: Mauritanian border
Day 8: Nouadhibou
Day 9: Crossing the desert
Day 10: Boat trip to the bird islands
Day 11: Beach cruising
Day 12: Nouakchott.
Day 13: Sale of the vehicles to finance EFNPA
Day 14: The border with Senegal



PS: Please note that this map is not 100% accurate it's within what google maps allow to draw and present.



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14 Days

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