All foreign visitors are passionate about stays in Morocco, mainly luxury holidays, quality stays and high range.

Morocco, a multiple and vast country, offers a multitude of trips. Luxurious and large-scale trips. Noble Explorer ensures the discovery of all Morocco, which opens on different horizons, starting from the south to the north.

Beginning with the Rif and its surroundings which unfold all year round a green carpet, real curiosity in Morocco, and it is in spring where we can see the most beautiful scenery.

Passing by the ocean cities, from Tangier to Essaouira, arriving by boat, we discover the bay of Tangier open ample on the sea. If we leave Tangier, we never lose sight of the sea, we witness an oceanic climate Which marks the territory of Morocco.

Morocco, country of character where one takes the pleasure to walk there to the discovery of its multiple past.

We can then discover Casablanca by the cornice, it distils European pleasures, with the Hassan II mosque, the second largest mosque in the world, advances in the Atlantic as it floated.

From Casablanca to Oualidia, it is by the seaside road that we can arrive at El Jadida which owes its allure of port fortified to the Portuguese. This city with charming cobbled streets is a gem of architecture. Before arriving in Essaouira, we can make a short stop in Oualidia for its superb beach. Taking  again the road towards Essaouira, where anyone can taste its incomparable charm, it becomes difficult to leave again. Its wind blowing brings freshness in summer and a great sweetness throughout the year.

Morocco holiday continues Southward, the great south of the Atlas which is an immense chain of mountains and which valorizes the country. This opens later on the doors of the oases, ouarzazate which is a model of harmony between nature and all its constituents.

Morocco trips can not unfold without going through the imperial cities of the kingdom, Rabat, Fes, Meknes and Marrakech which are the high places of royalty. These cities house the palaces.

Rabat is the provincial capital which is characterized by the Hassan tower which remained unfinished.

Meknes, the city of olive trees, at the foot of the Middle Atlas, an imperial city, facing the medina.

Fes constitutes the antiquity, the prestigious city of Islam, it contemplates taking height and finally head towards Marrakech, the doors of the south. Discovering Marrakech in winter can offer the supreme happiness of living real Morocco tours, seeing the red city take shape on the snowy Atlas. A symbolic building of Marrakesh among all, the koutoubia impresses with its pure lines.

For many, the first contact with the city will take place in the place jemaa el fna. The menara also produces such a special effect, a small pavilion decorated with a majestic body of water overwhelms the visitor and extends it into the history of the city.

Morocco a country of delight, having the gift to create conducive atmospheres to rest and contemplation and where anyone can spend an unforgettable stay.

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