The temptation of the desert is something special. In the desert more than anywhere, people take their places in the universe. Some travellers pace their vast expanses in search of peace, far from the materialistic world. Others come to feed on Saharan wisdom. All come to side the infinite, to feel the absolute, even if only by sleeping under the celestial vault powdered with stars.

The first dunes are seen at the beginning of the sahara, giving the chance to discover the sahara and its cold heat which is for healthy but also sick travelers, an effective prescription and efficient treatment.

This small town owes its reputation to its pottery and its various wonders of the desert.

To the south of the Moroccan Atlas, the Sahara takes its place in the landscape. Sand and palm trees are becoming more and more present. As in the heart of the desert, the dunes rise to the plateaux blackened by the sun and verdant wadis sneak between the mountains. Villages of land conceal their palm grove in the hollows of the valleys. It is a magnificent desert where nature blossoms in a fairy tale. Dark stone shelves give birth to blond dunes that lose themselves to the south. There are many ways to make a trip to southern Morocco.

Desert tours morocco are an opportunity that we live once a life, the radiance of a pretty seductive experience. The orange sand takes on a golden color at sunrise and gives as a result strong images of the journey. Sahara Morocco tours reach the southern end of Morocco.

We arrive at the dawns when the dunes are still drowned in the night to discover them gradually flooded with light that gives a glimmer of passion.

If this first approach to the desert makes you want to taste more, morocco will let you feel the hike.

With a nomad tent for every encampment, one wakes up delighted and blossomed by so much beauty.

The Sahara is another world that opens the journey to another colorful and seductive world, conducive to spirit and tenderness.

The Sahara is a mineral world where the heat is trying, where the sky envelops men and things under a dull and amazing light, under a bright luminosity that allows to extend the being.

Sahara desert tours morocco is equivalent to an inner voyage in search of a brutal revelation, a simple and naked truth in the image of its landscapes.

Any foreign person, or any tourist coming to Morocco for a stay intends to visit the Moroccan desert, experience the Sahara, feel the sweetness of the heat and heal the evils of his body. Some dive under the golden sand and feel the cold of the heat which is incomparable and irresistible. Others leave with the attention of wanting to set up the tents in the middle of the night, alone in the great sahara, to hear the silence and to look at the stars in the sky .

An unparalleled tour that no word can really describe in the true sense of the term but to be simply lived. An emotion that overwhelms everyone and which gives enormous pleasure.

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