About Surfing in Morocco

With its 3,600 kilometers of coastline and beaches as diverse as magnificent, Morocco is one of the countries most prized by the surfers of the whole world. Overview of the best areas where to surf in the kingdom, from north to south.

Mehdia, next to Kenitra, is the spot where everything began in the 60s. 

At 30 kilometers away, there is another spectacular wave in Rabat, in front of the surf club located at the foot of the Casbah of Oudayas. The small beach, located between two embankments, is perfect for novice surfers.

The area of Dar Bouazza / Bouznika is certainly one of the best surfing areas of Morocco, thanks to its frequency of waves and its multitude of spots, many of which have never been surfed before. The best known and classic waves are La Bobine in Dar Bouazza, 15 kilometers from Casablanca, and La Crique in Bouznika. ” These two spots are classic, excellent even if not very powerful “.

The Creek  in Bouznila has already hosted several editions of the European Longboard Championship. In September 2015, the European Junior Surf Championships will take place in Casablanca, as well as a WQS Pro (World Qualifying Series) stage.

The center zone is undoubtedly the  most  zone exposed to the powerful waves of the Atlantic. In Safi, the wave of Rass Lafaa, ranked among the 20 best waves in the world, has landed the biggest names in the discipline, such as Tom Carroll, Gary Elkerton and Jeff Hakman, and continues to attract the world’s best surfers.

Oualidia is also very popular with surfers. The area offers excellent beach-breaks (wave of sands). 

Named the “city of the trade winds” because of the strong winds blowing on its ramparts, Essaouira is best known for kite-surfing. But it also has a magical surf spot, a little further south: the small village of Sidi Kaouki and its cape (Cape Sim), have become one of the best spots in the region. Because of the strong currents, the spot is more advised to the confirmed surfers.

Descending 80 kilometers from Essaouira, the bay of Immessouane, north of Agadir, offers five to six different spots for all levels. Everyone will find his account there. Not far from it, there is another spot, Cap Tafelney, where by huge swell, an enormous left delights the professionals.

Further south, Tamri, with its beach-break, but especially its “reef” which generate tubular waves, is also a wild spot appreciated by surfers. The most famous wave, nicknamed “Labo”, is mainly made known after the passage of a team of professionals who made a book and a film on this area.

According to professionals, Taghzaout is “the Mecca of Moroccan surfing”, which has generated the most stories in the world of surfing. Spot idyllic, the greatest surfers have been staying there since the 70’s. The best known waves are La Pointe des Ancres, Mistery, Killer Point, Boiler … and other “world-class waves”.

With its magnificent ocher cliffs plunging into the ocean, Mirleft, located between Tiznit and Sidi Ifni, offers an idyllic and grandiose setting to Moroccan and foreign surfers come to enjoy this other spot of interest in the region of Agadir.

On the edge of the Sahara, Dakhla is another unforgettable surfing enthusiast. 

Beside to Mirhleft, Morocco as well is known with other wild beaches like for example Sidi Kaouki near to Essaouira, La grotte, Legzira, Mehdia, Tamraght and many others, but the most famous ones are those cited.

The Moroccan climate plays a primordial role in surfing as an activity  and varies according to the season and the region. 

Morocco is a country in the subtropical zone of North West Africa. It is characterized by a very different climate in different regions. Indeed, the coastal zones benefit from a temperate climate, while the climate is desert in the south and the east of the country. The Moroccan climate has many nuances and can be divided into seven subareas, determined by the different influences that the country undergoes: Mediterranean to the north, oceanic to the west, continental inland and Saharan to the south. The climate also varies according to the seasons, but stays the best in all its ways.

The desert Trekking

Amazing and upscale, smooth and quiet, this is what we like in Trekking tours Morocco.

Starting from the north till the south, every place has its own value,  an Incomparable value.

People like the most Trekking south Morocco,  enjoying the beauty of the desert, witnessing the calm atmosphere and having some memorable and outstanding  moments full of joy, peace and fulfillment with the soul.

Food lovers will not miss the chance to take a trekking tour in Some restaurants,  many diverse tastes are waiting for you there, and you will for sure enjoy the variety of fresh air at your request!

Explore the  famous desert , which is one of multiple  wonders intriguing in Morocco.

Site stunning ! Explore the white sand dunes, which is an amazing natural phenomenon in the middle of the lake. Places there are also a favorite place to collect birds flamingoes  where you will find stunning natural scenery.

Explore the benefits as well and take advantage of the hot sulfur water in the middle of the desert.

But in the end and what is more exciting is choosing one of the beautiful trips that runs from the incoming direction of the Moroccan Sahara.

In term of entertainment and relax, hundreds of kilometers of deserted beaches in the north and south of Desert  are waiting to be explored !

From the Atlas to the Atlantic coast through the Moroccan Sahara, hiking and trekking in Morocco, trekking south Morocco and in general trekking tours Morocco, will allow you to discover the wealth and opulence of the kingdom, which will not cease to amaze you with its thousand-year-old culture. The more athletic ones will be able to offer themselves the ascent of the Toubkal, the highest summit of North Africa.

What do you think of trekking in a desert of the dunes and rocks?  For a simple and unique experience of mediation, in the full desert, on the Moroccan sand endowed with a golden colour propitious to the imagination. But also the discovery of villages with the famous casbahs whose region is rich, adding to this the friendly atmosphere created by the camel drivers and their caravan. All facets of the desert in one trip,  a typical one with a unique and unrivalled dimension.

The magic of Moroccan excursions

From a moorish opening, a traveler watches a gold-plated country drown slowly in the twilight, a country outside of time, an imaginary orient that blurs in the imagination, still burns in the fires of a Sun that dies out.

He is in Morocco, in a country of beautiful dimensions, complete nourishment of the body and the spirit, Morocco invokes a set of emotions and feelings rarely gathered with so much happiness, especially through its excursions, Morocco excursions.

Excursions to cities, where each has a special value, where each offers a panoply of fruits to taste. Morocco Excursions between sea and desert, in nature and its mountains.

Mountains where you can enjoy hiking, Morocco brings the best out of everything.

For many travelers, these mountains, rebellious and discreet, often correspond to the first vision of Morocco. The mountains alone are another country, especially in the Rif, this unrivaled region, endowed with a nature behind which hides an identity as  a remarkable one.

A rare tone in Morocco that is enough to tell us that we are in a different world full of mysteries and surprises, rich in nature and resources.

Roads are dotted with palm groves of splendor continuing for tens of kilometers.

A model of harmony between nature and dwellings, a colorful world under the burning sun that makes you want to hike through the sunny days.

Several possibilities are available, climb to the edge of the Atlas by the track and discover a desert full of riches, an immense pleasure discovered by walking on feet and discovering the seductive lights closely.

In traversing the mountainous territories, one is overwhelmed by a feeling of absolute.

The road between the cities makes it possible to approach the wide variety of Moroccan landscapes. We gently leave the innumerable modern cities, then we sink into a countryside before crossing the small villages along the road like so many pearls on a necklace.

Making excursions in Morocco gives the chance to those who like the discovery of places to choose between the panoply of monuments and everything that inspires Moroccan and foreigners.

Morocco is seeing more and more flourish places where we share the time of a stay, a passion for this country. Authentic, charming and characterful places that make you want weekly hikes, sometimes even daily.

The art of living in diverse landscapes, a reflection of paradise that gives way to mediation.

The bright colors, in the shadows as in the light, gives a sense of inspiration during the various excursions that can be carried out from time to time.

The sight of the mountains is enchanting and remains forever engraved in the memory of those who have the happiness to contemplate it by making excursions and  morocco excursions are quite special and proving charm.

Sight of red mountains, disappearing in winter, under a white color  with several dimensions that the time allows to discover.

From this universe throbbing with noises and perfumes, travellers pass to the absolute silence of nature. By taking a random walk in the cities or in the mountains, we witness the pleasure of such innovative and creative beauty that we do not see everywhere.